Summer Sample Shares

Interested in knowing what is in a typical Summer CSA share? Below are a few sample shares from previous seasons that will give you a sense of the vegetables you can expect.

Those interested in purchasing additional products may do so as well!  There are many different types of shares to choose from, many of which have bi-weekly extra products such as fruit, cheese, eggs, granola, honey, apple cider, and yogurt.

Sample Share #1

Product Quantity
Peppers 3 lb
Corn 4 pieces
Beets 1 lb
Pak Choi 1 piece
Beans 1 lb
Sweet Potatoes 1.5 lb
Cabbage 1 piece
Winter Squash 1 piece
Ginger .20 lb
Fennel 2 pieces
Tomatillo .5 lb 


Sample Share #2 

Product Quantity
Winter Squash 1 piece
Turnips 1 lb
Brussels Sprouts 1 piece
Carrots 2 lb
Sweet Potatoes 1 lb
Celery 1 piece
Kohlrabi 1 piece
Onions .75 lb
Mixed Greens .75 lb
Pak Choi 1 piece
Cabbage 1 piece
Peppers .75 lb
Lettuce 2 pieces

Since fruit shares are a popular additional product that CSA members like to purchase, below are some sample fruit shares to take a look at, too!

Sample Fruit Share #1

Product Quantity
Grapes 1.9 lb
Quince Apples 6 pieces
Jonamac Apples 6 pieces
Golden Supreme Apples 5 pieces


Sample Fruit Share #2

Product Quantity
Oneida Prune Plums 1.75 lb
Empire Apples 7 pieces
Seckel Pears 1 quart


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