Market Day (Summer 2018)

Market Day 2018 is happening on October 16th! 

Order forms can be found here, and must be submitted in person or by e-mail by Friday, October 5th. They can be submitted, along with check or cash, in person at our regular distribution time or by e-mail to

Please see below for items available for purchase! After submitting your order, you will be able to pick up the extra items at our regular distribution.

Apple Cider - $3.25 each 

Eggs - $5.25 per dozen 

32 oz Yogurt - $4.65 each        

6 oz Yogurts - $1.50 each         

Ground Beef (approx. 3 pounds) - $24 per package

1 lb Wildflower Honey - $6.00 each

Membership Payment

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