The Prince George is a low-income and supportive housing site, and one of the core goals of our CSA is to increase the availability of healthy affordable produce to low-income populations. With this in mind, one of the services we offer is a Farmers’ Market for the tenants of the Prince George. We buy one share from the farm and sell the produce to tenants of the Prince George at discounted prices for tenants who may be unable to buy a CSA share. Our goal is to continue to provide this service for the tenants, and are seeking donations from our members to do so. Donations can be made via check to "Breaking Ground Community II" and sent to CSA Staff Rachel Nass directly.  You may address donations to:

Breaking Ground - Prince George

Attn: Rachel Nass, Tenant Services Coordinator

14 E 28th Street, Tenant Services Office

New York, NY 10016

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